Germán is a Mexican athlete, born in 1968. He carved his name in history by being a two-time winner of the NYC Marathon (1994/95), 3rd place in the London Marathon, 4th place in the Boston Marathon, gold medalist in the Central American Games among many other accomplishments.
On 2020 he ran a marathon on a treadmill to honor the medical staff in the fight against Covid-19.


Now, being 52 years old, Germán Silva is set to make history once again, but this time with the greatest journey ever accomplished by any runner in Mexico: an end-to-end run through the Mexican Republic. Going from Tijuana to Cancún, an approximate distance of 4,500 kilometers divided into stretches of 40 and 50 kilometers per day, resting just one day per week.

This time his main goal is not a medal, Germán is now running through Mexico to show us the greatness of our country. This will drive Germán’s steps through the beaches, deserts, mountains and cities. When the days and thousands of kilometers start building up on his legs and his body, he will be accomplishing his challenge: to unite Mexico in its geographical diversity, its culture and its people. North to south, east to west and heart to heart.


It is one of the main foods of Tarahumara runners. It is comprised of minerals such as iron, phosphorus and magnesium and is also one of the main sources of carbohydrates. It prevents constipation, reduces the risk of anemia in the athlete, it is a natural antioxidant low in calories and is gluten-free.

During a trip to the Sierra Tarahumara, in which he had planned to understand how these astonishing Mexicans managed to run through such incredible distances, Germán discovered a food that was common amongst every Tarahumara runner, the “PINOLE”. Germán has adopted pinole as an essential ingredient of his nutrition due to its high nutrimental value in addition to other properties such as being a natural antioxidant, low in calories and gluten-free.

PINOLE. n. Mexico. Name that originates from the Nahuatl word pinolli, that means roasted and ground corn flour. In earlier times, our ancestors used pinole as fuel to travel great lengths on foot, because of its high nutritional value.

Coincidentally, when Germán began to compete on his first races in Poza Rica, Veracruz, his fellow runners nicknamed him “Pinolillo”. When he moved to Mexico City to become a high-performance runner, the other athletes started calling him “Pinole” in allusion to the original nickname.

This word by itself, having such a profound meaning, creates a very interesting bond between Germán Silva and the Mexican culture with this food, that has been his companion during his entire life, the PINOLE.



We will begin the adventure tracing the route, we will select one by one the places, cities and towns that Germán will cross during his route. We will go from the North to the South of the Republic during a timeframe of 3 months. We will begin in January and finish in March 2021.


Germán will start preparing in November 2020 and will continue to do so until the day of the run. He will run through several routes and terrains, will camp on different cities experiencing distinct environments and territories. He will schedule training routes with long distances and varying difficulty levels to maintain his condition until the day of the run.


Every person and company willing to take part and participate in this great achievement will be able to join Germán during the different stages of the feat. Going through the start, the training, the run, and up until the finish line. We want Germán to feel supported and reassured. That will provide the motivation and encouragement needed to successfully complete this great achievement.


By November 2021 Germán will be ready to start the journey, then he will begin his great run, he will run through 40 to 50 kilometers each day and rest one day per week until he manages to complete the more than 4,500 kilometers to cross through our wonderful Mexico, end-to-end.


In March 2022 Germán will have concluded his biggest dream. He will have RUN through his country, where he will absolutely leave a mark, inspiring a positive message in every place he touches, and leaving in our hearts a marvelous demonstration of his love for Mexico.


Germán will share his experience and inspire everyone to create a better social environment, to become better persons and to stay focused in positive things to transcend in the lives of others.



If you want to be a part of this project, be with Germán along his journey and help him accomplish this goal email us at pinole@germansilva.mx


Would you like your Brand/Company to join Germán on his journey while having exposure to the media? Contact us at pinole@germansilva.mx and we will create a customized proposal that meets your goals.


“It is, without a doubt, the GREATEST challenge of my entire career and I want to dedicate it to Mexico, to mi father Agapito Silva and to my brother Vicente.”